Our Mission is to reach children in Toronto Community Housing with the love of Jesus, and raise them into leaders, who restore their community.

Reach A Child

Children age 5-14 are nurtured in a safe environment at After School Program and seasonal camps.


Raise A Leader

High school aged youth are coached in leadership by focusing on academic, social and spiritual growth.


Restore Community

Young adults are released to multiply the impact in their communities.

Our Vision is a generation of young leaders from Toronto Community Housing who love Jesus and serve their community.

These leaders will be extraordinary despite great hardship, because they know what it means to lead by serving.

They will have a restoring influence in the city of Toronto, across Canada and around the world.

Curtis' Story


"I remember the fear of running home."


"I started to see myself within the kids. I started to see that they're actually looking up to me for guidance."


"Jesus was a man of action. 'Street cred.'... the same thing applied to my faith. You have to do something."