As we look toward the future, we know that committed partners are a vital resource.

The word promise is defined as “a commitment which causes hope, expectation and assurance.”

When you become a Promise Partner you provide stable funding for After School Program and seasonal camps. You allow children the freedom to play, learn and have fun. As they are nurtured and protected in a safe and caring environment, children grow in areas of spiritual awareness, academic achievement and respect for self and others.

You also provide us with the freedom to spend less time on fundraising, and more time on reaching children with the love of Jesus. Promise Partners multiply the impact.

We’re asking for $36 a month. $36 represents the hours of 3-6pm, when children in Toronto Community Housing are the most vulnerable. It also costs us about $36 per child, per month to run After School Program.

Your promise causes hope for the future, stirs expectation for healthy development and assures children that they are safe and loved.

Become a Promise Partner today.

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